EUROPE 4th edition 2021

EUROPE 4th edition 2021






The purpose of this textis to let students know the basic info of DOCEXDOCE Europe 4th edition before the final Competition Rules Document is published (1st of Aprirl) so they can choose to sign up in advance.  


Competition aim

DOCEXDOCE announces the forth edition of DOCEXDOCE Europe. The aim of the competition is to bring focus to students’ work and their and get them involved, as well as to generate interaction of students in Europe within their counterparts in India and Latin America. Due to COVID-19 and most of architecture schools in Europe closed, we expand our classic competition system from 12 hours to 54 hours. Therefore, we will accept a limited number of teams from India and Latin America to take part in this edition for Europe.

Competition dates

The contest is being run globally and will last 54 hours as follows:

Start of the contest: Friday, April 23

17:00 GMT+1 (UK local time)

18:00 GMT+2 (Spain local time)

21:30 GMT+5:30 (India local time)

13:00 GMT-3 (Chile local time)


End of the contest: Sunday, April 25

22:59 GMT+1 (UK local time)

23:59 GMT+2 (Spain local time)

03:30* GMT+5:30 (India local time)

21:00 GMT-3 (Chile local time)

*early hours of Monday



Who can participate?

All participants must fulfil the following requirements: prove to be an undergraduate/master architecture student in any public or private School of Architecture during any 2020-2021 period. Students wishing to participate in the competition must fill in the application form online: sign-up. Applications to participate will be open until 21st April 2021 or until all places have been filled. Participation in the contest entails full acceptance of the rules. There is no entry fee for students from Europe. A limited number of places are available for international architecture students and the fees are detailed in our website.


Competition system

Contestants can participate only in groups of up to 4 members, and must not be members of more than one team. Participation is exclusively online. Contestants will receive all the necessary information necessary for the contest via the Internet. The competition languages are English and Spanish. All team members must be ready to provide evidence of their student status should the organization require so.

The topic is secret and will be disclosed at the beginning of the contest. All the necesary information about delivering the project (size, format, email, etc) will be included with the topic document and released on the day of the competition via the competition website.

All competition entries must be submitted in digital format and according to the instructions that will later follow this announcement. A maximum number of 1 proposal is allowed. All proposals will be evaluated by the jury individually and anonymously.



A total of 42 prizes will be awarded, divided into: 1st Prize (€1,000), 2nd Prize (€600) and 3rd Prize (€300) + 8 Honorable Mentions (Special prizes by sponsors, to be announced) + 1 Special Public Prize (special prize of material nature, value of over €100) + 30 finalists (official certificate).

The publication of the winning projects and their authors in journals and specialized architecture web will be promoted, as well as the presentation of exhibitions by the collaborating Schools of Architecture.

The Special Audience Award is chosen through our social networks. A selection of up to 50% of the total amount of proposals will be chosen by the competition organisers and published. The voting period for this prize will be between the end of the competition and the publication of the jury’s decision. Further information on this voting will be provided after the competition has concluded. Votes considered by the organisers to have been made by false profiles, bots or similar will automatically be cancelled.


An international jury is in charge of evaluating the projects and deciding on the winners. The jury will evaluate all entries individually and anonymously. The jury members will be published in our social networks before the competition starts. The decision of the jury is final and it will be made public within less than 6 weeks from the completion of the contest. The jury members reserve the right not to award some of the prizes if they consider it appropriate. 



The participants in this competition agree to give DOCEXDOCE the right to publish, disseminate and market, by any means, jointly or individually, the winning works, as well as adaptation of work to suit different formats (digital or paper). All of this is without prejudice to the recognition of their condition as authors of the work carried out. Participation in the competition will automatically imply the acceptance of all the terms indicated in this document