DOCEXDOCE seeks to settle at the European level with a singular format. A stimulating competition for architecture students from all over Europe on contemporary urban issues.

Participation systems: a presence mode in the classrooms authorized by the various collaborating architecture schools; an online mode through which teams can work from anywhere in the world.
Social networks are a key element throughout the contest process. Increasing the viral effect it also encourages interactions between participants and the public.Only twelve hours of continuous work, avoiding to make the competition an additional workload over several months for students.

theme kept secret until the beginning of the contest, thus assuring the same conditions of equality for all participants.

The teamwork under the conditions of the competition offers a very good training for the future professional life. Requesting quick decisions around a common goal and precise management of the working time.

Twelve awards: composed of a First, Second and Third place rewarded with financial and material rewards, eight Honorable Mentions with official certificates and a Special Public Prize with a material reward.




Competition aim
DOCEXDOCE announces the third edition of the “European competition of architecture students DOCEXDOCE”, the aim of the competition is to bring focus to students and get them involved, as well as to generate interaction between European architecture schools.
Participation requirements
Participants must fulfil the following requisite: being an undergraduate/master architecture student in any european school of architecture in 2019.
Participation process
Participants must enter the competition in teams of 2 to 4 members, and must not be members of more than one team. All team members must be ready to provide evidence of their student status should the organization require so.
There are two ways to participate:
Online: les étudiants recevront à travers internet toutes les informations nécessaires au bon déroulement du concours.
Presencial: A competition event will be carried out inside all of the collaborating Schools of Architecture with and Ambassador DOCEXDOCE. Each school will set up a work room for the teams. Limited places (*)
All participating projects must be presented in digital format and set via email or uploaded to the competition web on the day of the competition.
The competition languages in this Third Edition are English, Spanish and French.
All information about the competition will be available in any of these three languages. Participating projects can be written in either English, Spanish or French.
Entry process
Students wishing to participate in the competition must fill in the application form online. There is no entry fee. Applications to participate will be open until 3rd March 2019 or until all places have been filled.
Participation in the contest entails full acceptance of the rules.

(*) A provisional list of Schools of Architecture with physical presence can be consulted on the social networks of the contest. The final list and the availability of free places must be consulted during the process of registration to the contest on the web

Competition topic

The topic will be disclosed on the day of the competition. The dossier will be submitted online to participating teams. It will include enough written and graphic information so that participating teams can fully understand the topic and present a proposal.

Competition day
The competition itself will be held on 6 March  2019, starting at 9 AM and finishing at 9PM (GMT+1)
The topic will be disclosed at the beginning of the contest. Proposals sent after the deadline will not be considered.  
Further information about delivering the project to the jury (size, format, email, etc) will be enclosed to the topic document and released on the day of the competition.
A jury is in charge of evaluating the projects and deciding on the winners. It will be comprised by:
Darius Karácsony
Research Architect and former professor at the School of Architecture of Lausanne (EPFL)
Tomás García Píriz
CUAC Architecture and professor at the School of Architecture of Granada (ETSAG)
Javier Castellano Pulido
CUAC Architecture and professor at the School of Architecture of Malaga (EaM)
Alejandro Muñoz Miranda
Muñoz Miranda Architecture and Deputy Director of International Relations ETSAG.
José Miguel Pedraza García
Industrial Engineer and CEO Granatte.
Ricardo Hernández Soriano
Deputy Director of Cultural Activities ETSAG.
Nicolás Martínez Rueda
creator of DOCEXDOCE.
The decision of the jury is final and it will be made public within less than 6 weeks from the completion of the contest. The jury members reserve the right not to award some of the prizes if they consider it appropriate.


Prizes (**)

1st   Prize:     1500 € + architecture magazines + BIM basic course.
2nd Prize:        800 € + architecture magazines + BIM basic course.
3rd  Prize:        500 € + architecture magazines + BIM basic course.
8 Honourable Mentions: BIM basic course.
Audience Special Award: architecture magazines.
The publication of the winning projects and their authors in journals and specialized architecture web will be promoted, as well as the presentation of exhibitions by the Collaborating Schools of Architecture.
The Special Audience Award is chosen through social networks: a selection of up to 100 of the submitted proposals will be published and the number of interactions that each proposal received after a certain period of time will be counted. The selection will be chosen by the organization of the contest and by the teams that complete the contest. Information about this vote will be expanded after the day of the contest.
Votes that the organization will consider via bot, similar or fake profiles will be automatically canceled.
Participants accept giving DOCEXDOCE rights of publishing and broadcasting the winning projects by any media, individual or in sets. By agreeing to this, the participants do not forfeit their rights as authors of the projects.
The batch of magazines of the first 3 prizes will be composed of a magazine for each member of the team. 
The BIM training course will be online and individual for each member in the first 3 prizes as in the Honorable Mentions. 
The batch of magazines of the Special Prize of the Public will be composed of 12 copies. 
All prizes are accompanied by an official certificate of the contest.